What are G-Books?

G-Books are graphical  (or image-based) ebooks you can read on your tablet, laptop, desktop, or dedicated ebook reader—any device that can open Adobe .pdf files.

Look at the animation below and compare the visual experience of reading a G-Book® (top) to the same content displayed as a standard, text-only ebook (bottom):     

demo      bigpage


Reading G-Books

We think the G-Book experience is superior ...

... because books are more than just their words!

G-Books are especially valuable for rare, antiquarian, out-of-print, first edition, and collectible books. These are the books, magazines, and ephemera that you want to collect and read just as they were originally designed.

With G-Books you experience

the dust jacket art (spine, front/back, flaps) when available;

the spine, front and back cover, and endpapers of the book;

every page (even the blank ones!), just as originally bound;

the frontispiece and all other book art and graphical elements;

the text in its original typeface, just as it was laid out in the original, even the broken type and printers errors that distinguish one collectible edition from another.

To learn more, visit the topics listed at the right side of this page, including the link to download a sample and test the G-Book experience for yourself.

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