Radio News, 02:04 October 1920





This G-Book® downloadable e-magazine reproduces the October 1920 issue of Radio News: Vol. 2, No. 4. The cover story is "Reporting News by Radio." Also included is the first part of an article by Dr. Lee de Forest about his Audion tube.

Contents of this Issue:

  • Editorial: The Backward Amateur (H. Gernsback)
  • Radio Telephone Progress in Europe
  • The Vision of Radio
  • A British Vacuum Tube Control Unit
  • Reporting News by Radio
  • Developing Radio in the Hills (Pierre H. Boucheron)
  • Electron Power Tubes and Some of Their Applications, Pt. 1 (William C. White)
  • Crewless Battleship Controlled by Radio
  • A New Amplifying Transformer
  • A Portable Combination Receiver (Russell H. Robinson)
  • The Audion—Its Action and Some Recent Applications, Pt. 1 (Dr. Lee de Forest)
  • Loud-Talking Reproducer for Radio and Telephone Signals (H. Winfield Secor)
  • Improved Vacuum Tube Circuits for Short Wave Communication (Thomas Brown)
  • The Radio Constructor: Important!—The Ground Switch (Edwin Strickland)
  • A Finish for Your Cabinet (J.B. London)
  • Switches for Radio Sets (Thomas W. Benson)
  • Change-Over Switch for Receiving Cabinets
  • The Radio Man's Code (Erald A. Schivo)
  • Wireless Fakes and Fakers (Austin C. Lescarboura)
  • New Radio Patents
  • Radio Digest
  • With the Amateurs: The "Casey" Station at Savannah (James F. Maher)
  • Junior Section: Junior Radio Course: Additional Detectors
  • Dictionary of Technical Terms Used in Radio Telegraphy andd Telephony
  • Junior Constructor
  • I-Want-To-Know
  • Correspondence from Readers
  • Marconi's Surprise for our next President
  • Opportunity Ad-Lets

Publisher: Experimenter Publishing Company, Inc., 1920
Editor: Hugo Gernsback
Size: 9" x 12"
Issue: Volume 2: Number 4; October 1920
Pages: 76
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