Electrical Experimenter, 03:10 February 1916


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This G-Book® downloadable e-magazine reproduces the February 1916 issue of Electric Experimenter, Vol. 3, No. 10, Whole No. 34. The cover story is "The Electric Gyro-Cruiser." This issue also includes a work of fiction, "The Shirikari Tentacle," an article on new De Forest radio apparatus, and the contents below.

Main Contents of this Issue:

  • Editorial: Forty Years of the Telephone (H. Gernsback)
  • How Vessels at Sea Signal Through the Water
  • New Searchlights Foil the Enemy's Guns
  • The Trench Tractor (H. Gernsback)
  • Gigantic Gas-Electric Locomotive
  • English Women Learn Wireless
  • Miniature Electric Battleship "Massachusetts" (Carol Wakeman)
  • The Modern Detecta-Phone (Samuel Cohen)
  • When Bell Introduced the Telephone
  • The Electric Gyro-Cruiser (Eric R. Lyon)
  • New Telephone Novelties
  • Monster Electric Range to Cook for 1,500 People
  • New Arc Lamp Consumes No Electrodes
  • Mysteries of Matter (John Candee Dean)
  • New Electric Signal for Locomotives
  • Automobile Storage Batteries Withstand Fire (Frank C. Perkins)
  • A Telephotograph in the "Movies"
  • The Shirikari Tentacle (George Frederic Stratton)
  • The Marvels of Modern Physics (Rogers D. Rusk)
  • Radio Department: Latest De Forest Radio Apparatus
  • The Dubilier Multiple Musical Tone Radio System
  • The Electric Arc and Its Interesting Applications (Morton W. Sterns)
  • The Radio League of America
  • The Constructor: Construction of a Collin's Radiophone Arc (H. Winfield Secor)
  • Official List of Licensed Radio Amateurs Not To Appear Till September 1916 In New Government Call Book
  • How To Make It
  • Wrinkles Recipes Formulas (S. Gernsback)
  • With the Amateurs
  • Amateur News
  • Latest Patents
  • Phoney Patents
  • Question Box
  • Patent Advice (H. Gernsback)
  • Book Review
  • Scientific Exchange Columns
  • Opportunity Exchange

Publisher: Experimenter Publishing Company, Inc., 1916
Editor: Hugo Gernsback
Size: 9" x 12"
Issue: Volume 3: Number 10; Whole No. 34; February 1916
Pages: 76
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