Electrical Experimenter, 03:08 December 1915


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This G-Book® downloadable e-magazine reproduces the December 1915 issue of Electrical Experimenter, Vol. 3, No. 8, Whole No. 32. The cover story is "A Canal Scene on Mars," and the issue includes an installment of Hugo Gernsback's Baron Munchhausen Mars stories. Dr. Lee de Forest writes an article on using Audions for producing musical tones. See the additional contents listed next.

Main Contents of this Issue:

  • Editorial: Edison and Tesla (H. Gernsback)
  • The Radio League of America
  • Baron Munchhausen's New Scientific Adventures: Munchhausen is Taught "Martian" (H. Gernsback)
  • How the "Wireless Wiz" Celebrated Xmas (Thomas W. Benson)
  • Buying By Mail (Thomas Reed)
  • To Foil Submarines With Undersea Searchlights
  • By Wireless 'Phone from Arlington to Paris
  • Audion Bulbs as Producers of Pure Musical Tones (Dr. Lee de Forest)
  • Wireless Telegraphy Aids the Teutonic Allies
  • The United States Advisory Board and Its Personnel
  • The Electrical Burglar of the 20th Century
  • Marvelous Electric Sign that Actually Spells
  • High Frequency Currents and Apparata (concluded)
  • Radio Department: The Radio Transmitting Set at Arlington, Va.
  • U.S. Army Field Radio Set
  • Marconi Company Develops New 2-KW. Radio Panel Set
  • A New Vibrating Reed Radio Amplifier (Homer Vanderbilt)
  • Laboratory Equipment for Illustrating the Principles of Electro-Magnetic, Magnetic, and Electro-Dynamic Phenomena (Harlan A. Eveleth)
  • Ingenious Instruments for Testing Electrical Machinery
  • The Constructor: How to Make an Electrolytic Rectifier (C.R. Barmckol)
  • How To Make It
  • Wrinkles Recipes Formulas (S. Gernsback)
  • With the Amateurs
  • Latest Patents
  • Phoney Patents
  • Official List of Licensed Radio Amateurs Not To Appear in New Government Call Book
  • Official Code Charts Giving International Radio Signals, Conventions and Abbreviations
  • Question Box
  • Patent Advice (H. Gernsback)
  • Scientific Exchange Columns
  • Opportunity Exchange
  • Copyright Notice

Publisher: Experimenter Publishing Company, Inc., 1915
Editor: Hugo Gernsback
Size: 9" x 12"
: Volume 3: Number 8; Whole No. 32; December 1915   
Pages: 84
Resolution: 200 ppi resolution, sufficient to zoom to at least 200% actual size. NOTE: One small ad, for Chemcraft chemistry sets, has missing text from damage to the original print issue used for digitizing.
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