Penny Nichols (02) and the Mystery of the Lost Key




The Penny Nichols series of four books was written by the prolific Mildred A. Wirt (Nancy Drew, Penny Parker, Kay Tracey) from 1936 to 1939 under the pseudonym Joan Clark. The original print books are in the public domain in the U.S. according to research by This digital recreation reproduces the dust jacket, covers, and all interior pages in a graphical format so modern readers can 'turn each page' like readers did seventy years ago.

Penny Nichols and the Mystery of the Lost Key is the second volume in the series, from 1936. From the jacket: The beautiful Penny Nichols, whose irressible love for sleuthing, involves her in the pursuit of a famous lost inheritance. Among her many exciting adventures is an errie experience in an old haunted house.

Print Book Copyright: The Goldsmith Company, Chicago, 1936
Author: Joan Clark (Mildred A. Wirt)
Size: 5" x 7-5/8"
Edition: First edition, back of jacket lists first three Penny Nichols books, blue cover
Dust Jacket: Yes
llustrated: No
Backmatter: None
Numbered Pages: 250
Download Size: 52 MB (broadband connection recommended)
Resolution: 240 ppi resolution, sufficient to zoom to at least 200% actual size
Copyright Status: ©2011 All Rights Reserved.

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