I own a copyright or have licensing rights to a book or series of books.
Can you make G-Books® for me? 


The goal of the G-Books catalog is to create a large library of image-based ebooks, particularly vintage books that are otherwise hard to find or afford. While we can make G-Books from public domain titles whose copyrights have expired, we can only make G-Books of other printed books if we have the express permission of the copyright holder or another party with licensing rights to reproduce them.

If you are the copyright holder of a vintage book or series of books that you think the public would be interested in buying in G-Book form, then we can produce a certified, authentic G-Book for you.

Many types of books are good candidates for G-Book versions, but you might think of the most ideal candidates as those collectible books that are sold by vintage booksellers or online sites like Alibris, Abebooks, and eBay. If you are the copyright holder of a book or series that is in demand in these venues, or if you want to preserve an unusual or even obscure book for posterity, then you might consider having us make a G-Book version that you can then sell to interested readers.

To make a G-Book of your printed book, we'll need the following from you:

  1. You must be the copyright owner or have the legal authority to grant us licensing rights to create the G-Book;

  2. You must provide us with a good-quality copy of the printed book or books from which we will create the master G-Book. If the book was issued in multiple editions or printings, collectors typically prefer the first-edition, first-printing and thus the G-Book should most likely be made from this edition to maximize its sale value. Sometimes a later edition might be very popular because of its art or other special features. If the printed book had a dust jacket, making the G-Book from a copy that includes a good quality dust jacket can dramatically increase its collectible value. Your original book should be shipped to us insured for its full value. We will return the original book with your completed G-Book order.

The cost to produce your G-Book depends on several factors: number of pages; dimensions of the original; quality of the original and how much clean-up it will need after digitizing it; the resolution of the captured pages; and whether we digitize in color, grayscale, or black and white. Typical projects can range from $300 to $500, but we will quote you a firm price before we start the project.
Note: If you are the copyright holder of a series of books, write to us to see whether we can negotiate a volume discount.

Then our job begins:

  1. We take your printed book and digitally scan (or occasionally photograph) the pages, covers, spine, and dust jacket—everything is included so readers will have the maximum virtual reading experience when they buy your G-Book. We might also add an invisible text layer by OCR to enable text searches;

  2. The original images are sized and filtered through multiple steps to massage them into the final format from which we generate the G-Book PDF file;

  3. We ensure the quality of the product meets G-Book requirements and then certify the book as an authentic G-Book and assign it a registration number in our G-books.com database.

  4. We ship back to you your originals and the master G-Book file on a CD or DVD. We can also ship you the G-Book in alternate versions with copy protection, license page, or other restrictions you might choose in order to protect the G-Book version you sell to the public from illegal copying or reproduction. More information will be available when you order.

The G-Book you receive is certified as an authentic G-Book edition, but you are its exclusive owner. We retain no residual rights and put no limits on what you do with your G-Book, except for the following small print:

We only require that if you choose to sell or distribute your graphical ebook and identify it inside the file and/or in your sales materials as a "certified, licensed, authentic, or trademarked G-Book" that you distribute essentially the same G-Book file as we delivered to you. We require this to protect the quality and reputation of the G-Book imprimatur from the distribution of abridged copies, or copies whose resolution or quality has been compromised or lowered from the version we created. Protecting the quality reputation of G-Books serves you because the public can confidently buy your G-Book only if they know that all G-Books meet uniform quality standards. However, you are free to make other changes to the G-Book master file, such as adding password protection or other security measures to protect your investment. If you want to make substantial changes to the file that affect the appearance or content of the G-Book and still sell it as an authentic G-Book, you can send us your revised version and ask us to recertify it as an authentic G-Book for a nominal fee.

You are always free to sell your graphical ebook without reference to the term "G-Book" if you prefer. Then there are no restrictions as to how you alter or distribute your graphical ebook.

If you're interested in ordering a certified G-Book of one or more titles for which you have the requisite ownership, contact us to discuss the title(s) you have in mind (use the Contact Us link on the home page). We have a backlog of titles waiting to be produced, so if you have some computer skills you might want to consider producing the graphical ebook yourself and having us certify it as an authentic G-Book. Read about that here. Then, if you'd like us to sell your authentic G-Book in our online store, read about that here!