Downloading G-Books®

By default, when you choose Add to Cart, your selection will be available for download directly from our site just a few seconds after your payment is processed. In fact, we're not currently offering our previous disc-based shipping option unless you make arrangements with us ahead of time, using the Contact Us link on our home page.

Because G-Books scan each page of a book and present it as a high-resolution (200-300 pixels per inch) image, the file sizes are much larger than plain-text ebooks or contemporary native pdf titles. The size of each G-Book pdf file is listed on the item's details page, visible before you decide to buy. The typical range is from 50-150 MB. Here are some approximate times you might expect for downloading G-Books of small, medium, and large size:

Speed Class Small (50 MB) Medium (100 MB) Large (150 MB)
"Gigabit" fiber/cable broadband (750 Mbps) 1/2 second 1 second 1.5 seconds
Fast "Cable" broadband (25 Mbps) 16 seconds 32 seconds 48 seconds
Slow "Cable" broadband (3 Mbps) 2.5 minutes 5 minutes 7.5 minutes
DSL (1500 kbps) 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes
DSL (384 kbps) 18  minutes 35 minutes 53 minutes
Dialup modem (56 kbps) 2 hours 4 hours 6 hours

If you want to purchase several G-Books at once, we recommend you download them one at a time, sequentially. The server gives you a few days after your purchase to download the titles. If you're on a very slow connection like dialup, try purchasing and downloading a single G-Book to see if it's practical for you. Or, go to our free sample G-Book page where you can see how long it takes to download our 40-page sample file.