Do I download the G-Books® or are they mailed to me?

By default, when you choose Add to Cart, your selection will be scheduled for immediate download after your payment is received. However the Add to Cart button also has an option for you to have a CD burned and mailed to you. This entails extra cost and delay in reaching you, so if you have a broadband connection we recommend you use the default download option.

Because G-Books scan each page of a book and present it as an image, the file sizes are much larger than plain text eBooks. These sizes are listed in each item's store entry. The typical range is from 50-70 MB, occasionally up to 120 MB for very long titles. Here are some typical times you might expect for downloading G-Books of small, medium, and large size:

Speed Class Small (20 MB) Medium (50 MB) Large (100 MB)
Cable (6000k) 30 sec. 1.25 min. 2.5 min.
Cable (3000k) 1 min. 2.5 min. 5 min.
DSL (1500k) 2 min. 5 min. 10 min.
DSL (384k)  7 min. 17 min. 35 min.
Dialup (56k) 48 min. 2 hrs. 4 hrs.

If you order several G-Books at once, we recommend you download them one at a time. The server gives you a few days after your purchase to download the titles.