Licensing Terms of G-Books®

Most G-Books include the "common-sense" license shown below. You can also inspect most G-Book's copyright notices before you purchase it by clicking the copyright link in its store listing. The Copyright Notice is also included as the final page of each G-Book. The license is designed to protect the investment of time and money required to produce quality G-Books while keeping them affordable and free of annoying DRM (digital rights management) for you.

Please respect the license terms so we can continue to produce G-Books without having to add installation schemes, copy protection, password requirements, or other DRM protection against theft that would make the G-Books less convenient for you to read. We want your reading experience to be enjoyable, but we need you to purchase each G-Book you want to read.

License: With each purchase of a G-Book produced by G-Books.com from the public domain:

(a) You may install the G-Book on all  your personal computers and computing devices (but only for your own viewing); you may not place the G-Book on any server or network device accessible to others, or share copies with others, whether for a fee or as a gift; any copies you make are for your own personal use and backup, and sharing with others is a direct violation of the license terms. You may place it online in your personal cloud space if you are the only person who has access to that cloud, e.g., if it is protected by a password known only by you;

(b) You may print pages for your personal use (unless printing is disabled for that title, which can be read on that title's details page before you decide to buy);

(c) You may annotate the G-Book pages (highlight, add notes, sketch, etc.) of your copy and save the file with your annotations for future reference. Disseminating an annotated copy as if we produced the book and the annotation would be a serious violation of your license rights and could result in legal liability for the content of the annotations.

Note: Licensed G-Book® editions of certain titles still under copyright protection (non–public domain books) might have additional licensing restrictions, if asserted by the owner of the book's copyright. If so, those additional restrictions will also be listed on the title's details page, so you'll know before you decide to buy the title.

Copyright: In addition to the license that accompanies your G-Book, each public-domain G-Book is an original digital creative work, made original as a result of the unique techniques used in digitizing, post-processing, design, and assembling of our digital edition from the original public domain work. Thus each G-Book carries a contemporary copyright date that protects the unique rendering of the digital G-Book from reproduction without our express written permission, as established by international copyright law. Therefore, you are not permitted to disassemble the pdf into its individual pages or to reuse and reassemble any portions or the entirety of the G-Book into a new creative work of your own. Nor may you give away or sell such a derivative work. If you want to create your own compilation or creative work, and most especially for resale, you must procure (like we did at considerable expense!) an original printed copy of the public domain book or magazine and re-digitize it to create your own original and protected digital work. Buying these often rare items is part of the expense we need to recoup through our sales.

Here's a typical G-Book Copyright Notice And Terms Of Use from a recent title:

logo ©2017 by Curtis Philips dba G-Books.com. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright Notice and Terms of Use

This ebook is protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, or broadcast without prior written permission of the copyright owner.

Fair Use: However, you are permitted to install this ebook on any number of devices capable of reading this ebook if, and only if, each device is under the control of the original Buyer of this ebook, and if access to this ebook is limited to the original Buyer. This expressly precludes placing this ebook on any public or private network where multiple parties are able to access it. You are permitted to quote brief passages of the work for research, critique, and scholarship as generally defined under the concept of fair use.

Prohibited Use: You are not permitted to share, loan, sell, or gift this ebook to any third party unless all other copies are destroyed before transfer of only one copy, one time. One copy purchased = one copy that may be transferred, sold, or gifted to one other party. The creation or persistence of more than one copy accessible to more than one party constitutes a breach of copyright.

Digital Rights Management and Watermarking: In order to provide for a seamless reading experience, this ebook does not contain digital rights management (DRM). Therefore, no password is required to open this ebook, nor is this ebook tied to reading on a particular device or limited to a fixed number of ebook devices. However, this ebook does contain watermarks (visible and/or hidden) that trace the ownership of each copy. Buyer is responsible for keeping possession of this ebook. Watermarked copies found to be disseminated elsewhere that are traced back to the Buyer will be treated as violations by the Buyer of copyright, fair use, and sales terms of this ebook.

Disassembly, Reassembly, Repurposing: This ebook is an original creation as a Whole, and may not be taken apart and/or reassembled in whole or part for any purpose, including but not limited to removing copyright and identity markings of the ebook and/or creating a derivative ebook, whether for personal or commercial purposes. For example, if printing is permitted, printed pages may not be rescanned and reassembled into another ebook edition. If this ebook was created from a public domain work, only an original copy of the public domain work — printed book or magazine — may legally be used to create another ebook. If printing of the ebook is permitted, printed pages are restricted to the personal use of the Buyer and may not be shared, sold, or otherwise disseminated to third parties.

Trademark, Watermark, and Copyright Tampering: It is expressly forbidden to alter or remove any trademark, watermark, copyright, or other notice from this ebook. If printing and/or copying is permitted for Buyer’s personal use, it is nonetheless still expressly forbidden to print or copy and then remove, or remove electronically, the watermarks or any pages or portions of this ebook, including but not limited to its copyright notice. Adding pages to the ebook is similarly prohibited because the ebook consists, and is protected by copyright, as a Whole.

Violation of the copyright and fair use provisions of this ebook will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.