Can I sell the G-Books® you create for me in the online G-books Store?


The best way for us to promote the concept of G-Books is by offering a large and diverse catalog of interesting titles for readers to purchase.

We always reserve the right to refuse listing a title at our sole discretion, but we rarely need to exercise this right.

So we do encourage you to consider listing your G-Books in our store. We list only certified G-Books in our store, whether we create them for you or you create graphical ebook on your own and have us certify them.

These are the general requirements for including a certified G-Book title in our Store catalog:

  1. It must be a certified G-Book title. We only list authentic G-Books in our Store because we believe mixing text-based ebooks would distract from the unique G-Book identity;

  2. You are free to set the price at which your G-Book sells in our Store. However, we encourage you to keep your price as low as possible. This helps to maximize sales and discourage illegal copying. Perhaps the most common reader complaint about today's standard ebook is that many publishers price them at or near the price of their printed versions. Most readers feel ebook should be priced less than printed books because they do not involve the costs of traditional paper, printing, and distribution. Of course, we spend many hours creating each original G-Book so we certainly recognize that G-Books represent a significant investment in time and equipment during their initial creation, and ongoing costs in cataloging, disk storage, and bandwidth for distributing them from our large Web site. Our standard price for the G-Books we produce from public domain originals ranges from $2.00 to $5.00. G-Books created from copyright books usually sell at a somewhat higher price, but we encourage you to consider pricing them under $10 to maximize your sales.

  3. If we agree to list your authentic G-Book(s) in our Store, we charge you two fees: (a) an annual store display fee and (b) a per-copy sales fee for each copy sold from the store. The annual listing fee is $15 per title. The sales fee we deduct from your sales price is the greater of $2 or 20%. The remainder will be your G-Book earnings. Your earnings will be sent to you quarterly via PayPal, for each quarter in which your total earnings equal $25 or more; otherwise your earnings will rollover to the next quarter and accumulate until the minimum $25 level is reached or exceeded. Then your total earnings will be paid at the close of that quarter. This payment schedule helps keep our accounting costs manageable and thus keep our fees to you as low as possible. If you delist your book, its accumulated earnings will be paid to you, regardless of the amount. Payments will be made through PayPal. Here are examples of the earnings and sales fees: A G-Book listing at $5 will net you $3 per copy sold ($2 minimum sales fee); a $10 book nets you $8 ($2 minimum sales fee); a $15 book nets $12 ($3 sales fee, 20% of list price); and a $20 book nets you $16 ($4 sales fee, 20% of list price).

Note: These fees apply whether we created your G-Book for you or you created the graphical ebook and we certified it as an authentic G-Book.

If you already have a certified G-Book and want to have it included in our Store, contact us by describing the title(s) you want to sell (use the Contact Us link on the home page).