Download a free G-Book® Sample

You can download this free sample to try the G-Book experience before buying an entire book. This 40-page file includes the dust jacket art, cover, front- and back matter, and first chapter of this vintage young adult adventure title.

  1. Depending on your computer or device, right-click, Control-click, click, or tap-and-hold on the book cover image below and, depending on the prompt choose Save Target As, Save Link As, Open in New Tab, etc. Some browsers or apps will open the pdf instead of asking for a Save location. In that case, find the browser's Save As command and save the file to a convenient location.

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    Click to Download

  2. After the file downloads to your computer or device, open it using the free, downloadable Adobe Reader adobe or another PDF app or program of your choice.
  3. Use this sample with dedicated ebook readers to check their built-in software's pdf capabilities, or try it with a smartphone to see if you can read on its smaller screen.

If you open this G-Book sample in Adobe Reader 7 or later, you'll be able to add your own highlighting, underlining, notes, and handwriting. You can even print images of the pages if you like.

Click here to learn about annotating and printing your G-Book sample.

Click here for tips on viewing and navigating your G-Book sample in Adobe Reader.